Darren Coxon is Independent Schools Director for Education Development Trust, a charity whose mission is to transform lives by improving education around the world. Darren manages four independent schools in the UK and South Africa, and has worked across four continents in his career. He was one of the earliest adopters of the iPad in education, leading the introduction of 1:1 in two schools and working with Apple as a professional development trainer. He lives in Reading with his wife Julija, son Michael and two Siamese cats.

Darren is the author of two books: The Examiner’s Head (a vaguely humorous preparation guide for AQA English Language) and 17 Poems (a collection of poetry spanning more than 10 years).


  1. hi Darren,

    was just wondering if you mind if i use your blog as a resource for teachers here in ireland, i work for folens publishers. We’re just about to start rolling out ebooks to students for the first time (we had some pilot schemes last year).

    you seem to have a good idea about what you have been doing? how long have you been using ipads in the classroom.

    Hope you don’t mind, i have already linked one of your articles

    We also have some samples available for our post primary programmes on the app store, click here if you are interested

    i would also recommend that you sign up for the newsletter as part of CESI,
    Computers in Education Society of Ireland, http://www.cesi.ie/, it can be interesting from time to time.

    if you have any issues with me using your blog articles, please let me know, or if you would like a conversation, we can certainly organise that.


  2. Darren

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you this way but schools over for the year. I have been trying to talk to you about presenting to our conference in December this year about BYOD and the the implications on the new ICT curriculum after reading some of you articles. Please let me know if you can speak and Contact me at your convenience for further details.


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